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Nicola’s online yoga classes came into my life at a time when we were in lockdown and I was feeling mentally and physically exhausted. The yoga classes gave me a space at home to switch off, recuperate and relax which I was struggling to do. I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and restless legs and the yoga has improved the symptoms of this significantly for me. The yoga has improved my core strength and has helped me to tone up. I’ve also been able to start running properly again, as the knee pain I was suffering from, no longer exists since I started doing Nic’s online classes. Nicola is a wonderful teacher who explains the moves and gives you time to achieve it as well as providing alternatives based on your comfort and ability level. Thank you so much Nic.

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Wonderful classes! Nicky’s positive energy and love for yoga comes across throughout. Her voice is calm and reassuring and she gives clear instructions explaining how things benefit you. It has been incredible the difference it has made for the flexibility in my hips.
Nicky’s knowledge of yoga practice is amazing and I always look forward to her next class! I come away feeling that is just what I needed! Would very highly recommend!
Thanks so much Nicky!

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I was fortunate enough to attend an outdoor class with Nicola at Studio50 Ringwood whilst just coming out of lockdown. She really is one of the best yoga instructors out there – and I now regularly attend her classes.

I have had the privilege of one on one sessions with her which are just amazing and personalised.

Her zoom classes are like she is with you in the room. Each and every class is well designed and has a beautiful flow.

However, the best thing is her guided meditation at the end of any class – her voice is like gold, and you leave feeling restored and renewed.

I am so grateful for that first outdoor class and grateful that through technology which she uses so beautifully I can attend her classes wherever I may Find myself. Thank you Nicola for your wonderful preparation and energy that you bring to every practice and for sharing it with me.

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I never thought yoga would be for me. Until lockdown happened! My neighbour, Nicola, put on our neighbourhood WhatsApp group that she was going to be doing some online classes via Zoom if any of us were interested. Well, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give it a go, I’m so NOT flexible but what’s there to lose! Forward five months and I’m still there and regularly attend two classes a week.

Nicola is a great teacher, she has a lovely manner and always explains and talks though what we need to be doing, giving lots of variation and alternatives for whatever stage you are at. She especially likes twists. apparently they are very good for us, they help with our digestive systems and are great for giving our immune system a boost. See I’m learning. Nicola has even called by a Yogi. who knew!!

Thursday nights it’s Hatha Flow. I’m not going to lie, it’s not easy for someone whose flexibility isn’t great but am I improving – oh yes! My core strength is definitely better and I am feeling more toned.

On Wednesday evenings I do Nicola’s Bedtime Yoga Class and I absolutely love it. Dressed in my PJ’s we warm up first and then do some restorative poses followed by meditation. It’s just wonderful, I can honestly say I never thought I would be able to control by busy mind, stay calm and just enjoy being still. At the end of the meditation you are super relaxed and ready for bed. The best endorsement I can give this class is Nicola please don’t ever stop.

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Nicola is fantastic :) she’s really informative and is extremely helpful….I do the bed time yoga and love it I was very anxious to start with but she was very helpful and kind and answered every question I had and made me feel a lot better and I enjoy it….she’s lovely….my favourite bit has to be the meditation bit as it helps calm my anxiety and helps me to focus on my breathing it helps me to feel relaxed and less stressed in the evening….I highly recommend.

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I joined Nicola’s zoom yoga classes during lockdown as a way to gain some “me time” in a world where normality disappeared for a while.

I have always been interested in yoga but never had the confidence or ability to join a group and attend regularly. Nicola makes each class unique and will support with any difficulties you have within any of the positions. Her ability to describe the moves so clearly means you don’t have to break your neck looking to see how or what she is doing (even when new to the practice) and and her calming nature helps even the biggest over thinker settle in for the relaxation and meditation.

I would highly recommend any of her classes and am looking forward to being part of them in the future

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I did beach yoga with Nicola and it was a wonderful class. Calm, relaxing, recentering. All in perfect surroundings.

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I was very fortunate to hear about Wild Heart & Yoga Fitness just after lockdown started. I was unable to do do my Hydroactive lesson and was beginning to get quite stiff. So to be able to do Yoga via Zoom in the comfort of my own home was great. Nicola had set up her studio from home due the Covid crisis. After a one to one chat I joined in her class once a week. Nicola offered a variety of classes at various times. I felt more flexible for joining in. So whatever your level give her classes a try. I would recommend it to everyone.