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Beginner Aerial Yoga Classes with Nicky
Advanced Aerial Yoga Classes with Nicky
Aerial Yoga Classes with Nicky

What is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial yoga is a fun and playful way to deepen your yoga practice and safely explore inversions. Perfectly complementing other styles of yoga, aerial has a huge amount of benefits. In particular, it can help to improve circulation and the lymphatic system, as well as brain and lung function.

Classes are based around traditional yoga postures, using the fabric to help support your body weight. This allows for a greater range of movement and also the magic of zero compression inversions. The hammock gives a feeling of weightlessness, creating space through your whole spine. There are also lots of creative and fun tricks to play with as you build your confidence, so you can truly embrace your inner acrobat.

Aerial is suitable for everyone, and no previous circus skills are needed!

When did I start practicing?

I initially started practicing Aerial as my ‘hobby’ within the yoga world as I was progressing into teaching. After one class I was completely hooked, and started attending classes at least twice a week. After realising how natural I felt in the hammocks, I decided to complete my 250hr qualification with the Aerial Yoga Academy.

How do I book a class?

Please see a list of our studio based Aerial Yoga classes below. You can book direct with each studio, use the Mind Body App or message me.

Aerial Yoga at the Yoga Studio, Poole

Aerial Yoga, Poole

Explore zero compression inversions and a playful yoga practice using aerial hammocks. Combining traditional yoga postures with the support of the fabric and some creative variations, aerial yoga has so many benefits for both mind and body. This class is suitable for all levels, whether you are new to Aerial or have experience and fancy playing with some flips and tricks.

The Yoga Studios – Poole

Mondays – 11:15am – 12:30pm
Wednesdays – 7:30pm
Fridays –  10:00am – 11.15am

How do I Book?
To see the current schedule – Follow the link below to The Yoga Studio’s booking page. You can also book via the Mind Body App

Corporate Yoga Classes / Events

Beginners Aerial Yoga at The Suncliff hotel

A perfect class as an introduction to aerial yoga (but there will be plenty of options to progress!)

This class is suitable for all levels and abilities and is held in the low light of the Suncliff Hotel Aerial Yoga studio. If you have any questions please get in touch before booking.

The Suncliff Hotel, Bournemouth

Tuesdays – 6 – 7

How do I Book?
Book direct with Nicky by following the link below or messaging me via Facebook.

Restorative Aerial – Coming Soon

A slower, Yin inspired practice. The fabric is used to support the body in the postures, allowing for a deep release and relaxation of muscles, joints and connective tissue. In contrast to our regular, dynamic aerial yoga practice, postures are held for a few minutes, with the hammocks closer to the mat. Including gentle variations of zero compression inversions. Finishing with a wonderful floating meditation.

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Advanced Aerial Yoga, The Yoga Lounge, Bournemouth

Advanced Aerial Yoga, Boscombe Bournemouth

This class is for those who have previously attended beginners all levels Aerial classes and are looking to progress their practice a little further and give themselves that extra challenge. Please check with Nicky if it is appropriate for you to move onto this class prior to attending.

The Yoga Lounge – Boscombe, Bournemouth

Mondays – 7 – 

How do I Book?
To see the current schedule – Follow the link below to The Yoga Lounge’s booking page. You can also book via the Mind Body App